Utah leads state governments in mobile-friendly strategy

Mobile devices have become the tech tool of choice among Americans, and Utah has responded by becoming the most mobile-friendly state government in the nation.

That is the take of the publication Governing, which notes that "while many states might worry about who gets left behind if they aggressively push a mobile-centric way of serving the population, in Utah the problem is just the opposite."

Indeed, Utah was the first state to develop an iPhone app, in 2009. It enables residents to check the licensure status of professionals in the state.

"It was also the first state to create an app for Google Glass that sends users notifications about approaching trains and light rail and other transit-related information," the article explains.

So why the mobile-first focus in Utah?

"Our mobile strategy is reaching new population groups that haven't interacted with government before," the article quotes Dave Fletcher, the state's chief technology officer, as saying. "That's why total visits to the state's websites have grown substantially in the last couple of years."

As evidence, Fletcher notes that the state's websites received 1.63 million unique visitors in June, 26 percent of which came from mobile devices.

As Americans increasingly use mobile devices, Utah's lead will no doubt be followed closely by other states in the next few years.

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