Infographic: What do most workers do during mobile conference calls? It's not work

Mobile conferencing is on the rise, but not everyone is doing work when they listen in on a conference call using their mobile phone.

It turns out that employees do a variety of things not related to the topic of the conference call. They send emails, eat, text, use social media, play video games, shop and even use the bathroom, according to a survey of 500 employees and an analysis of mobile traffic data by conferencing service provider InterCall.

In fact, the number one place besides the office where people take mobile conference calls is the bathroom. And more than one-quarter of respondents say they have fallen asleep during a mobile conference call (hopefully not in the bathroom).

Breaking the stats down, 65 percent of respondents said they do other work during a mobile conference call, 63 percent send emails, 55 percent eat or make food, 47 percent go to the bathroom, 44 percent send texts, 43 percent check social media, 25 percent play video games and 21 percent shop online.

For more survey data, check out Intercall's full-size infographic.

What do workers do during mobile conference calls

Source: Intercall