Infographic: Mobility more pervasive, effective than traditional computer use

It is becoming more and more apparent that mobile computing is becoming the most popular and adaptable computing platform.

To illustrate this development, mobile website developer ActiveMobi has published an infographic that shows just how much the use of smartphones has permeated the average user's day and what is causing the shift from desktop to mobile computing.

The smartphones, tablets and phablets are quickly becoming catchall mobile devices. But devices are not the only aspect of mobile computing affected by the movement to mobile. Web developers have started to realize the benefits of creating sites for a mobile first crowd. Where the content on desktop sites are stripped, short sighted and misplaced, mobile sites are progressive and future proof, making for a cleaner experience, says ActiveMobi.

Mobile searches most frequently generate actionable information, with local searches becoming "typical," according to ActiveMobi. Users searching for local information most likely have a practical reason, showing that "smartphone owners are active consumers," according to the company's blog.

To check out the full-size infographic, click here.