Infographic: Watch out for these BYOD pitfalls

BYOD can enhance employees' productivity and their willingness to work extra hours, yet there are BYOD pitfalls that companies need to avoid.

For example, employees might be more willing to sign up for expensive data plans, accumulate overseas roaming charges or frequently upgrade mobile devices, particularly if the firm is picking up some or all of the expenses, explains an infographic prepared by Ann Newman, a contributor to Dell's Tech Page One blog.

In addition, employees might spend time on their mobile devices playing games or checking social media instead of increasingly their productivity.

Of course, there are the ever-present data security risks if a device with corporate data on it is lost or stolen or if employees use insecure public cloud storage services to share documents.

Newman recommends that companies take the following steps to avoid BYOD "disaster": set boundaries, distinguish different types of data, use a private cloud service, use encryption and anti-virus software, implement secure IT and choose the data plans employees use.

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