Mobility and analytics will 'completely transform' enterprises, predicts IBM

Mobility and analytics will combine to "completely transform" the enterprises in the coming years, predicts a new report (pdf) from IBM Global Business Services.

While the C-suite has focused on how mobility can drive customer engagement, so far most internal enterprise mobility initiatives have been focused on enabling email, calendar and instant messaging.

"By combining the power of analytics with the ubiquity of mobile, organizations have the opportunity to serve up rich data on location, within the proper context, based on user preferences and behaviors. These 'mobility solutions' will increasingly serve as a cognitive extension, empowering employees and organizations to quickly acquire new skills, work more and better together and improve decisions," the report notes.

A company that can effectively harness these two transformative technologies IBM calls an "individual enterprise".

An individual enterprise creates new business value through combining mobility and analytics, employs analytics for quicker decision making, designs first for mobility and unleashes mobile-empowered employees.  

The IBM report offers a five-step process to become an individual enterprise: 1) depict employee experiences using journey maps; 2) pilot test mobile apps and quantify cost and benefits; 3) build capabilities to realize the individual enterprise; 4) leverage existing apps and systems and 5) promote the value and scale of benefits.

"Mobile and analytics: Two coinciding phenomena that together will change the way business gets done, putting real-time contextual information at employees' fingertips and providing predictive recommendations and insights to improve decision making," the report concludes.

For more:
- check out the IBM release
- read the report (.pdf)

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