Supply chain management key to Samsung's smartphone success

Samsung's superior supply chain management has enabled it to surpass Apple as the leading provider of smartphones, judges market research firm Gartner.

According to the firm, Samsung outperformed its rivals in planning, delivery, product life cycle management; corporate social responsibility; and talent. The Korean tech firm has a program to train supply chain talent on a variety of issues, cultural differences and market characteristics by rotating them between headquarters and regional offices, says Gartner.

In fact, Gartner ranks Samsung No. 1 in terms of its supply chain strategy, initiatives and best practices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Coming in second is another mobile device provider, Lenovo. The Chinese firm established a corporate analytics center of excellence to support its supply chain, sales and marketing and business units. Lenovo has taken a data-driven approach and cross-platform visibility for manufacturing and sourcing decisions for both in-house production and contractors.

"We have observed some key themes across most industry segments that include building customer-centric supply chains, aligning to local markets while still serving global customers, strengthening risk management processes, improving cross functional communication, driving operational excellence to achieve fiscal discipline and prioritising talent management programs," says James Lisica, Gartner research director.

Other Asia-Pacific firms in the top 10 supply chain ranking are Toyota, Hyundai, Huawei, Woolworths, Honda, Flextronics, LG Electronics and Sony.

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