Best apps of September 2011: Band of the day

band of the day

Band of the Day
(Developed by 955 Dreams)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Before algorithm-based streaming services, before MP3 blogs and even before peer-to-peer sharing sites, music fans learned about up-and-coming bands the old-fashioned way: A real-live, flesh-and-blood human told you about them. Band of the Day offers the best of both worlds: Every day, the application suggests a new artist worth checking out, each selected by the 955 Dreams editorial team and presented complete with full-length songs, in-depth biographies and reviews, exclusive interviews and video footage. But the app also touts social sharing options, consumer feedback and other new-school features that leverage the full technological benefits of music fandom in the digital era. 

Band of the Day is free to download, and the first week of usage is free as well--from there, subscriptions cost 99 cents per month or $9.99 a year. In exchange you get a user-friendly embedded music player with full-length songs from all featured artists as well as a curated mix tape--more than 1,500 tracks a year in all. Users may also share songs, videos, bios and reviews via Facebook, Twitter or email, share links to each artist, check out friends' current playlists and tweet to vote for future Band of the Day honorees. The experience is impeccably designed and engineered, and the concept is rock-solid--even with all the music discovery options accessible to contemporary listeners, it's still a huge challenge separating the wheat from the chaff, which is why the human touch is the most vital element of Band of the Day's digital DNA.