Best music apps:
(Developed by
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: $3/a month made its name through its desktop service that "scrobbles" or records a user's listening history and provides statistics and music recommendations based on the data it collects. It also provides a personalized radio mode that can be set to play music similar to a given artist, genre or other "tag" as well as a radio of just the user's previously scrobbled tracks.'s mobile effort incorporated these features into its apps for Android and iOS-enabled devices for free until February, when it began charging for the content. Users with premium accounts for the desktop version of can listen to ad-free, customized radio on their mobile devices.

Unlike Pandora, users do not have song limits or skip limits when listening to radio mode.

However: The premium service does not come with as many features as many of the other music apps on the market. Further, the scrobbling function is not available via's mobile apps.