Comparing QR Codes to SnapTags: Brand Marketing Infographic

New infographic compares two popular types of 2D mobile barcodes

Denver, CO, November 30, 2011 - QR codes or SnapTags: which are best to use in marketing campaigns? A new infographic unveiled today sets up a side-by-side comparison between two of the most popular mobile barcodes used by marketers.

See the infographic here:

The infographic explores the accessibility, functionality, brandability and costs associated with SnapTag and QR code campaigns. For instance, SnapTags are accessible on any mobile phone with camera, whereas QR codes are accessible only to those who have downloaded a QR code reader. Both types of barcodes offer options for reporting and data tracking."People are still learning about SnapTags and QR codes, so this infographic is an opportunity to show some of the considerable advantages offered by SnapTags," said Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLynk.

"SnapTags provide wider mobile access, more options for branding and a more comprehensive means of reporting. SnapTags offer tremendous value to brands and consumers."

The infographic explores capabilities where SnapTags excel, including dynamic responses, accessibility, database building, complex analytics and reusability. Both SnapTags and QR codes allow mobile activation, geolocation, and social networking.

With consumer adoption of mobile barcodes rapidly increasing, SpyderLynk collected a number of statistics related to mobile barcodes:

• Mobile phone use: 85% of American adults own mobile phones [Pew Research Center 10/10]

• Picture-taking: 88% of mobile phones have a camera [Based on analyst estimates]

• Smartphones: 40% of mobile consumers in the United States own a smartphone [Nielsen 9/11]

• SnapTags: 20% of the top 100 US advertisers have used a SnapTag [SpyderLynk 7/11]

• QR codes: 22% of the Fortune 50 are placing QR codes in magazines and on billboards [BursonMarsteller 12/10]

Major brands like Bud Light, Bertolli, Dior, Cover Girl, Coke Zero and many more have used SnapTags to drive perception, consideration, preference, conversion or loyalty. Some of the marketing campaigns brands have deployed using SnapTags include those offering exclusive content, scavenger hunts, recipes, previews, gift cards, coupons and discounts.