eBook: Coping with Consumer Devices in the Enterprise

Consumer devices are present in every part of most enterprises. So the question is no longer about whether you should embrace these devices, whether they’re smartphones, tablets or even laptop computers. The question is, now that they’re here, what are you going to do? You’re going to have to support these devices so that your employees can use them efficiently, you’re going to need to secure them, and you’re going to need to manage them. In this eBook we will examine how enterprises cope with what may have, at one time, been considered consumer devices. There may have been a time when Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads were considered consumer devices, but now they’re very much business devices that are also used by consumers.

Table of Contents:

  • Making the Cut: What Consumer Devices Should Your IT Department Support?
  • Telecom expenses – Who Pays for What?
  • Managing the Security of Consumer Devices in your Company
  • Strategies for protecting Corporate Data on Consumer Devices
  • Consumer Applications in the Enterprise

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