Major roadblocks are keeping CIOs from mobilizing their key business apps. Today, less than one-quarter of enterprise apps can be accessed from mobile devices.

Why aren't critical enterprise apps seeing the mobile light of day?

Mobile Data Virtualization cuts the cord on enterprise apps while providing new levels of manageability, security and access control for the business data consumed by mobile apps. It is based on the same ideas that have made other virtualization technologies so popular: resources on demand, distributed architectures and agile infrastructures.

In an era where two-thirds of knowledge workers use a mobile device for work, Mobile Data Virtualization is a breakthrough technology whose time has definitely come.

This white paper explores:

  • Challenges of enterprise mobile business data
  • Key role mobile data virtualization plays in democratizing the access of business data from mobile apps
  • Essential components of a mobile data virtualization solution
  • Tangible benefits of mobile data virtualization

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