2014 glimpses the wearable technology market at the onset of a significant growth phase, says latest Visiongain report


LONDON, UK. 24th June 2014: This is the year of wearable technology. A market that has existed for decades, supporting technologies and public interest are finally sufficient for it to flourish. In an environment heading towards a connected homes paradigm, the next step in our technological evolution is bringing control closer than arm's reach.

Wearables dominated 2014's CES, with many major OEMs moving into their second and third generation efforts. The speed at which late model smartwatches and smart bracelets are being upgraded threatens to outpace established smartphone and tablet markets. As these older device markets enter a maturity stage, wearable smart devices will be poised to fill revenue gaps for incumbent vendors.

This is greenfield for many vendors. Technology that was seen as the stuff of science-fiction a generation ago is now becoming the norm. R&D focus on voice and gesture controls, augmented reality, and e-textiles has expanded. These developments are being undertaken across the globe.        

The plausibility of smart garments and augmented reality goggles has attracted the interest of technology enthusiasts and software developers alike. Part of what makes this market so unique is the ability of new entrants to gain market share with the alacrity and confidence of major incumbent technology corporations.

In 2014, visiongain calculates that the wearable technology market will reach a $5.26 billion value.

Visiongain attributes this value and its strong growth over the forecast period to the multi-faceted nature of the market. Comprising consumer electronics, medical devices, and fitness and lifestyle, wearable devices have an incredible range of form factors, applications, and target markets. Their use will run the gamut of consumer, enterprise, and public sector use.

The wearable technology market will grow explosively in the next five years, and there remain many untapped market niches that leading vendors are poised to exploit. As the market moves into a growth phase, so too will the relationships between these vendors, with competition becoming more vociferous and strategic alliances and partnerships leading to significant balance-of-power disruptions in the market.

There is much room in wearable technology for the leading vendors to grow into, and all of the companies visiongain has included in its report stand a fair chance to have a significant, longstanding impact on their respective fields.

Wearable Technology Market Report 2014-2019: Companies Harnessing Value in Fitness, mHealth, Augmented Reality, Cameras & E-Textiles analyses the prospects for wearable smart devices globally, regionally, and nationally. Our forecasts also address the revenue potential of seven major sub-markets, each with its own drivers and barriers to entry.

You will find forecasts for market value and shipments for wearable technology in five key regions that are further split into 7 individual submarkets, providing 70 discrete market segment forecasts to analyse.

There are also specific market value and shipment forecasts for the US and Canada that are further split into 7 individual submarkets providing an additional 14 segments.

The market share, products, and strategies of 17 leading companies in the wearable technology market. 151 unique charts, figures, and tables quantify and qualify this market, with complete regional and sub-market segmentation.

Wearable Technology Market Report 2014-2019: Companies Harnessing Value in Fitness, mHealth, Augmented Reality, Cameras & E-Textiles will be of value to current and future investors in the IT, enterprise hardware, e-textile, mobile and desktop application, network backbone, and mobile device industries, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge on this subject.

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