App Monetization and Distribution Platform appnext acquires AppHome for $2.5 Million


London, UK – May 8, 2014, Appnext, a fast growing app monetization and distribution platform, today announced that is has acquired AppHome for $2.5 million.

AppHome, a developer of social apps and games, has created proprietary technology that is being integrated into appnext's platform. This technology, which facilitates the development of more effective app monetization solutions, enables appnext's 5000+ developers, publishers and other partners to benefit from the creation and management of a native advertising platform and new innovative monetization tools via the Application Programming Interface (API).

Appnext's platform enables app developers to easily create their own native ads integrated into the app's design and user experience. The native ads can be customized according to any app's design specifications and are therefore a natural extension of the app's content. As a result, the native ads placed by appnext developers outperform Run of Network ads by 200%.

For example, a game developer can create relevant ads that are integrated into the game's scenery or inside scoreboards or game messages. A productivity app developer can create native ad units as reminders and offer complementary applications for mail box management, to do lists, calendars and more.

Appnext's API, enhanced by the AppHome's technology, also provides developers and mobile asset owners with access to appnext's app promotion engine for developing innovative monetization tools. In addition, ad networks can utilize the technology to integrate the feed of the recommended apps to generate revenue for themselves and their publishers.

"Having partnered with AppHome, we grew to appreciate the team and their technology, and felt that bringing them into appnext made the most strategic sense," said Elad Natanson, founder, appnext.  "It's AppHome's technology which lets us create an open access API to our platform, and enables each of our partners to develop unique monetization tools around our app promotion engine. Since we implemented this technology, we have already served over 1B app recommendations through our media partners alone in the last few months. " 

By acquiring AppHome the appnext platform provides its partners with comprehensive tools to manage and accelerate their entire monetization efforts.

"Since integrating appnext's native ads API and rolling out native advertising on our apps, we've increased revenue from appnext by 200%," said Alina Kovalevich, iOS and Android Developer.

Advertisers will be able to select where their ads run according to app categories or on specific apps/games via real time bidding.

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appnext is a technology platform that helps its partners to build and scale great mobile businesses by promoting apps. The appnext platform connects advertisers and app developers directly and transparently, operating on an RTB basis. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in Europe and North America.

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