BOKU and T-Mobile USA Partner for In-App Purchase in Carrier's App Store

  • BOKU is announcing that they are an approved carrier-billing gateway for the T-Mobile Mall. 
  • The partnership enables T-Mobile's app and game developers to accept in-app payments from T-Mobile's 34 million subscribers.
  • Applications and games will be distributed and marketed through the T-Mobile Mall, and transactions completed using BOKU will be billed directly to a subscriber's T-Mobile bill.
  • Developers can integrate in-app payments into their Android app with BOKU's 1-TapTM SDK for Android.  This will increase consumer conversion and expand their global customer reach simply by dropping the BOKU Android SDK into their application. 
  • BOKU has highly developed technology that's integrated across over 60 countries and hundreds of carriers handling everything from localization to payment authorization. Examples include transacting across 20 different languages in 20+ currencies, navigating foreign exchange and VAT Tax issues, and completing complex transactions that deal with pre and post authorization, settlement and refunds.
  • Integrating with BOKU simplifies the purchase experience for consumers, eliminating the need to manually enter credit card information.
  • The 1-TapTM SDK for Android provides a seamless, simple transaction that takes place within the app preserving the user's experience and making it dead simple to pay with one tap.
  • With this agreement, T-Mobile customers will be able to access the T-Mobile Mall's portfolio of games and use mobile payments to purchase a wide variety of in-app content within downloaded apps, including virtual goods found in online games from publishers.