The Echo Nest Teams with Twitter in Pilot Program to Integrate Tweets Into Music Apps


The Echo Nest, a music intelligence platform powering smarter
apps across the web and devices, teamed up with Twitter to help developers include Tweets from
thousands of the most popular recording artists directly within their apps.
Twitter's growing list of Verified Accounts includes many of the world's top music artists. The Echo
Nest applied its artist extraction technology to Twitter's Verified Accounts to identify artists whose
Twitter handles are now part of The Echo Nest's Rosetta Stone service. Rosetta Stone helps music
services "speak the same language" on a data level by translating unique identifiers across various
This partnership means app developers can include artists' Verified Account handles and Tweets within
music apps. Integrating Twitter handles into Rosetta Stone allows developers to add thousands of
Verified Accounts with a few lines of code.
Twitter's integration with The Echo Nest has extensive real-world applications. For example, an app
developer will be able to include Tweets from a currently-playing artist alongside music, lyrics, blog posts,
photos, and other media from Rosetta Stone-compatible services.
"Twitter is arguably the most important and immediate artist-to-fan communication medium in the world. 
Until now, there was no simple way for developers to integrate musicians' tweets directly into their
applications," said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. "By making it easy for our community of over
10,000 application developers to integrate artists' tweets into their apps through our API, The Echo Nest
hopes to enhance their music apps by extending Twitter to this new terrain while bringing fans closer to
the artists they love."
"The Echo Nest's cutting-edge music data platform will enable thousands of developers to build new
ways for music fans and artists to connect on Twitter," said Glenn Otis Brown, Twitter director of media
business development. "The sky's the limit on the creative Twitter music applications that the Echo Nest's
developers can now build."
This move increases the breadth of The Echo Nest's growing Rosetta Stone platform; and will help forge
stronger connections between artists and their fans on a variety of platforms.
About The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest powers smarter music applications for leading media companies and thousands of
independent developers, with a customer base that reaches over 100 million music fans every month. 
Over 250 applications have been built on The Echo Nest platform.   With the world's only machine
learning system that actively reads about and listens to music everywhere on the web, The Echo Nest  opens up the largest repository of dynamic music data in the world - over 5 billion data points on over 30
million songs -- to help developers re-shape the experience of playing -- and playing with -- music. The
Echo Nest was co-founded by two MIT PhDs.  Investors include Matrix Partners, Commonwealth Capital
Ventures, and three co-founders of MIT Media Lab. Follow us at @echonest.