IP Lasso Responds To FTC Report on Mobile Privacy And Enforcement Action


February 1, 2013, Washington D.C. — IP Lasso, a startup which tracks and monitors apps across Facebook, Android, Google and Apple's App Store, issues a statement in response to today's Federal Trade Commission's report on mobile privacy and enforcement action. Jon Leibowitz, FTC Chairman, announced today recommendations to Apple, Google and other app stores as well as to app developers in regards to mobile privacy for consumers including just-in-time disclosures before accessing sensitive information, do not track mechanism for smartphone, and full disclosure of use of private information collected from smartphones and tablets.
The recommendations come after the FTC charged Path Social Networking App for deceiving consumers and improperly collecting personal user information. Path Social Networking has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle these charges.
IPLasso's solution for major brands and corporations identifies hundreds of mobile apps equaling millions of installs that grossly infringe on consumer privacy, infringe on copyrighted materials and trademarks, or may even install malware on smartphones and tablets, including apps used by children.
Mr. Pierce has issued a formal statement in support of FTC's latest report on mobile privacy and enforcement:
"Today's enforcement from the FTC on mobile privacy is the first major step from a government entity to address neglectful and malicious practices that compromise consumer privacy in the mobile app world. Now, the responsibility to honor these recommendations falls on the entire technology industry, from App Stores to developers and solution providers like IP Lasso.
However, the FTC seems to be targeting high-profile companies like Path Social, who create legitimate apps, and are likely willing recognize and enforce The Commission's latest mobile privacy recommendation. We are concerned that there are thousands of illegitimate apps with millions of installs that infringe on brand names, copyrighted materials and trademarks with the intent to lure and deceive consumers.
Our services not only monitor apps from high-profile names like Path Social, but we also examine apps operating on the fringes who may fail to honor FTC's recommendations thus tarnishing or hijacking brand names -- and putting consumer privacy at risk."
For more information about IP Lasso, please visit: www.iplasso.com