Iris Developer Dexetra Partners with ChaCha to Power Answers


Dexetra, an India-based, mobile app developer, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new partnership with the world's most popular real-time Q&A service, ChaCha, to create a revolutionary element to the Iris app. Iris, the immensely popular, voice-powered question-and-answer app, will now include ChaCha's vast database of questions and answers, allowing instant responses to inquiries asked by users for free.

Dexetra, famous for its creation of the free Iris app in just eight hours, developed the natural language search engine for Android phones. With ChaCha's addition to Iris, questions asked by users will be directed to ChaCha's immense database, permitting conversational questions to be answered in real time. The innovative Q&A element from ChaCha will allow Iris to be the world's most intelligent voice assistant.

"ChaCha's massive database of quality answers will add a lot of value to the Iris app," said Dexetra CEO Narayan Babu. "This partnership will not only benefit Iris, but Dexetra as well and it is an honor to work with this groundbreaking company."

ChaCha CEO, Scott A. Jones, is excited to partner with the cutting-edge developer. Jones said, "We are thrilled to work with Dexetra to pioneer our Q&A capabilities with a voice-powered search engine. We look forward to bringing a new standard of quality to conversational Q&A through this partnership."

Dexetra's partnership with ChaCha will create an innovative way to answer natural language questions in real time, helping to improve accuracy, understandability and search time. This partnership represents a milestone in voice search by expediting the process and providing quick, reliable answers.


Dexetra is an India-based startup founded in 2010. Dexetra functions in the personal search domain. The company focuses on creating products that would enable the Smartphone to be a better tool for the user rather than just being used for communication. Iris, the Personal Assistant App for Android, now has more than a million downloads and has answered upwards of 30 million user queries.


ChaCha is the leading source for free real-time information and answers. Through its unique "ask-a-smart-friend" platform, ChaCha has answered nearly 2 billion questions since launch from more than 25 million unique users per month via its website (, the 242242(R) text service, the ChaCha(R) iPhone app, the ChaCha(R) Android app, and the 1-800-2CHACHA(TM) voice service. ChaCha is one of the fastest growing mobile and online publishers according to Nielsen and comScore. Follow ChaCha on Twitter: @ChaCha, @ChaChaMan, and @ChaChaCMO.