Chomp, the leading app search engine, today released its monthly app search data reflecting the most significant consumer search trends for Android and Apple iOS apps during the month of November.  Chomp's most recent report shows that mobile device users queried "shopping" and "discounts" significantly after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  Query traffic for the terms spiked over 1200% and 3000% above normal on Black Friday and stayed consistent over the long weekend before bottoming out after Cyber Monday.


On Android, larger categories such as games, utilities, and music increased their category share by at least one percent, while books, finance and sports saw small decreases in their shares. 

For iOS, games decreased their share from 32.6% to 31.7% and social networking decreased from 7.1% to 5.5%.  Lifestyle apps saw a small uptick from 5.2% to 6.1%. 


Paid app downloads decreased from 7% to 3% on Android. The decreases were concentrated at price points lower than $2.00. Weakness was also seen at the premium price points between $4.01 and $5.00, and $9.01 and $10.00, decreasing from 0.6% to 0.2% and 0.3% to 0.1%, respectively. On iOS, paid downloads increased from 20% to 27%. The increase was concentrated at the $.99 and $1.99 price points. The former increased from 10.3% to 15.9%. The latter increased from 4.2% to 5.2%. Price points above $10.00 also increased their share from .7% to 1.3%.


"Free" was again the top search term across all countries sampled on Android.  Contract Killer debuted on the international top app list along with StumbleUpon.  The top five Android apps were Dropbox, eBay, Handcent SMS, Movies and WhatsApp Messenger. 


App search abroad showed more diversity on iOS.  Pandora and Facebook stayed incredibly popular internationally, with the game Fragger debuting on the international top app charts. The top iOS apps for November were TuneIn Radio, Instagram, Zombie Highway, TuneWiki and Doodle Jump.


Over two billion apps are being downloaded each month and the number of available Android and iOS apps has surged to almost one million.  As the number of apps increase, so does the need for effective app search.  On the Android platform, 84% of searches were made by app function (e.g. "adventure games," "books," etc.) and only 16% by the actual app name.  On the iOS platform, 83% of searches were made by app function and only 17% by the app name.


About Chomp, Inc.

Founded in 2009 by Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards, Chomp, Inc. is the only company to enable app search based on what an app actually does.  Two billion apps are being downloaded every month.  As the number of apps explodes, it's become difficult for users to find the perfect app for what they want to do.  Chomp's patent-pending algorithm is able to understand what an app does and what a user wants and then makes the best match.  Chomp also allows developers to effectively integrate app search into their content.  Chomp powers search for a range of companies, including Verizon, Carphone Warehouse, Blekko, and @aplusk.  The company is funded by leading Silicon Valley investors, including Ron Conway, BlueRun Ventures as well as a number of ex-Google angel investors.  The company is based in San Francisco, CA and can be found at