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The Civil War Today
(Developed by A&E Television Networks Mobile)
Available for: iPad
Price: $5.99
Originally published: April

On April 12, 1861, Confederate forces attacked a U.S. military installation at South Carolina's Fort Sumter, signaling the official beginning of the American Civil War--the conflict continued for four long years, ultimately resulting in Confederate defeat and the abolition of slavery as well as the deaths of 620,000 soldiers and an unspecified number of civilians. One hundred fifty years after the first shots were fired, modern technology is bringing us closer to the past than ever before: A&E Television's remarkable iPad app The Civil War Today redefines how we interpret and interact with our nation's history, leveraging daily content updates, social media integration and the tablet's touchscreen interface to document the battle precisely as it unfolded.

The Civil War Today incorporates thousands of original documents, photos, maps, diary entries, quotes and newspaper stories as well as running casualty counts, all refreshed and expanded daily through April 26, 2015--the app also touts video profiles, daily quizzes and detailed background scenes to further establish the context of American life in the 1860s. The Civil War Today also acknowledges life here in 2011, enabling users to send Morse code telegrams via Twitter and earn Civil War-appropriate achievements for display in a virtual medals case. The Civil War Today doesn't simply revisit and reconsider history--it's bound to make history as well, going down in App Store lore as the gold standard for how tablets can render conventional textbooks irrelevant by illuminating our shared heritage in new and unprecedented ways.