(Developed by OneLouder)
Available for devices running Android 2.1 and up
Price: Free
Originally published: January

Weather information is essential to our daily lives. It's also boring as hell. OneLouder's free 1Weather is the proverbial ray of sunshine, a smart and stylish reminder that even the most vanilla content can be repackaged and recontextualized as something lively and engaging. First and foremost, 1Weather looks amazing, combining a crisp, clean layout with real-time animated maps and radar as well as designer icons--the overall presentation is clever but never too cutesy, and despite the app's creative flair, the focus remains on delivering meteorological updates with economy and clarity.

Although 1Weather touts a wealth of local and international information spotlighting both current conditions and long-range forecasts, users can customize the app to highlight the data most important them, drilling down into weather-nerd insights like dew point, barometric pressure and the UV index. 1Weather also leverages the technological possibilities of the mobile platform to good effect, pushing extreme weather alerts and integrating user-generated photos alongside tweets from people in your immediate area. Al Roker, eat your heart out.