Amazing Alex

Best Apps of July 2012

Amazing Alex 
(Developed by Rovio Entertainment)
Available for: iOSAndroid 
Price: 99 cents

How do you follow up a genre-defining, bank-breaking classic--and how do you prove you're not a one-hit wonder? If you're Rovio Entertainment, you continue exploring the physics-based puzzle game concept you perfected with Angry Birds, but Amazing Alex is no mere retread, introducing new characters, capabilities and social interactions. 

Amazing Alex's titular hero is a boy genius charged with tasks ranging from the everyday (e.g., cleaning his room) to the extraordinary (battling cardboard robots in his backyard). Gamers are challenged to solve each chore in the most absurdly complex, Rube Goldberg-inspired manner imaginable, employing Alex's stash of toys to create a series of contraptions and chain reactions that stretch the laws of physics to their breaking point.  

Like Angry BirdsAmazing Alex offers a wealth of content--100 levels in all, each more perplexing and engaging than the last. The biggest difference is the title's emphasis on user creativity and interactivity: Gamers can build their own customized levels and share them with friends, and the best fan-made puzzles are made available for download by players across the globe. Time will tell if Amazing Alex enjoys the same popularity and influence as its predecessor, but it's a worthy sequel that affirms Rovio's staying power.