Angry Birds Space


Angry Birds SpaceAngry Birds Space 
(Developed by Rovio Mobile)
Available for devices running Android 1.6 and up
Prices: $2.99 for HD99 cents for Premium or free for ad-supported
Originally published: March

Sequels stink--except when they don't. Sure, most are little more than pale imitations and cash grabs, but every now and then a follow-up beats the odds, equaling or even surpassing what made the original great. Think of The Godfather Part II or Grand Theft Auto III... and add to the list Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds Space, which transcends even the most outsized expectations.

What makes Angry Birds Space great is that it retains everything users love about the original Angry Birds while adding a series of new wrinkles and enhancements that thoroughly transform the gaming experience. As the title suggests, Angry Birds Space launches our foul-tempered fowl heroes into the cosmos after a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, and although the familiar birds-versus-green pigs conceit hasn't changed, the rules of engagement are radically different thanks to the interstellar setting. Angry Birds Space encompasses dozens of new levels spanning across planets and zero gravity environments, allowing Rovio to explore a multitude of new gameplay dynamics and trick shots; because the new milieu negates the basic laws of physics that underpinned previous iterations, half the fun is figuring out exactly how this brave new world functions.

Angry Birds Space looks as good as it plays. The animation is simple yet sophisticated, the character designs are sharp and the different planetary settings sparkle with wit and imagination. Simply put, if you like Angry Birds you'll love Angry Birds Space. It's another smashing success, and a must-download for all Android device owners.