'Angry Birds Star Wars' - Best iOS, Android apps of November 2012


Angry Birds Star Wars


Angry Birds Star Wars 
(Developed by Rovio Entertainment)
Available for: iOSAndroidWindows Phone
Price: Free

Two great tastes that taste great together, Angry Birds Star Wars is a must-download for fans of either or both pop culture franchises, cherrypicking the most compelling elements of their respective mythologies to create a mobile blockbuster of galactic proportions.

Angry Birds Star Wars follows a band of Rebel Birds waging war on the evil Imperial Pigs. A surprise Rebel attack yields a horrifying discovery: The Empire forces are constructing their ultimate weapon of destruction, the Pig Star. Spies have stolen the blueprints, and gamers must use the Force to help the fearless fowl overcome a series of physics-based challenges and safely deliver the plans to the Rebel leaders.

If you've played previous Angry Birds titles--and if you haven't, what else have you been doing these last few years?--then you already know that solving the series' signature puzzles will require Yoda-level logic and skill. But you may not have guessed just how much the iconic Star Wars characters, weapons and settings add to the familiar Angry Birds formula: Rovio has made liberal but respectful use of the LucasFilm universe, stretching the game's 80 levels from the deserts of Tatooine to the deepest reaches of outer space. Star Wars-inspired in-jokes and Easter eggs abound, and gamers can even train to become a Jedi Master via the Path of the Jedi in-app purchase option. If you like Angry Birds or Star Wars, you'll love this. (And to assuage any lingering concerns: Jar Jar Binks is nowhere to be found here, presumably because those birds are already angry enough.)