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AT&T Translator
By AT&T Labs.
Available for: iOSAndroid
Price: Free

Learning a new language can be tricky at any age. Whether you're a student trying to cram for an exam or a traveler navigating in a new country, one of the hardest parts of picking up a new language is working in real-time. In the classroom, a student can use a dictionary and ask his or her teacher to repeat a phrase or speak more slowly.

AT&T Translator is ideal for students or really anyone interested in communicating in a language other than their mother tongue. The app, available for the iPad, iPhone and Android-enabled devices, works as your own personal real-time translator and understands English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Italian. For example, two users can speak to one another, one in Spanish and the other in Japanese. The app will change the first user's Spanish into Japanese, and speak directly to the second user. When the second user responds in Japanese, the app will translate the reply into Spanish for the first user.

AT&T Translator marks a new milestone in how quickly speech technology is progressing in mobile. While there are hundreds of apps that translate text from one language to another, they can be time-consume and tedious. AT&T Translator, developed through AT&T Labs on AT&T's Watson platform, identifies languages automatically, saving the user from having to manually input this information. AT&T has stated it is working to add additional languages to the app.