Badabing! - most inappropriate iOS, Android apps of 2012


(Developed by Badabing!)

Not everyone is a fan of Aaron Sorkin's Academy Award-winning screenplay for the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) biopic The Social Network. "I started Facebook to improve the world and make it a more transparent place," co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at a media conference in mid-2010. "This movie portrays me as someone who built Facebook so I could meet girls."

Whatever Zuckerberg's original intent, there's no question that Facebook has become a kind of virtual meat market, with one infamous study alleging the platform is the cause of one in five divorces. But Badabing! plumbs new lows in Facebook skeeviness: "Have you ever browsed endlessly through a friend's albums looking for beach or pool pics?" its App Store page asks. "Badabing! helps you find them in a minute. Then browse, bookmark or share!" Badabing also lets users rate photos as "Nice" or "Not So Nice," because why would you want to stop at scouring Facebook for images of your friends in swimwear when you can also critique their physical imperfections in the process? A creeping app for total creeps, Badabing! is shallower than a kiddie pool.