Barstool Sports - Best new Android, iOS apps of April 2013


Bar Stool Sports

8Barstool Sports 
(Developed by Design Menace)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

From a technical standpoint the Barstool Sports app is competent at best--simple and clean, sure, but nevertheless vanilla. But it doesn't matter, because content is still king: The Web's most wildly entertaining sports and pop culture blog has finally planted its flag in the App Store, and respect must be paid purely on principle.

Barstool Sports is rude, crude and frequently hilarious: Rest assured the app deserves its 17+ rating. But its bloggers (centralized in sports-obsessed metropolitan locales like Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago) are also whip-smart and deeply passionate about their favorite teams and players, and heaven help those athletes and celebrities who end up on the site's bad side. Barstool has its detractors, no doubt--there are entire blogs dedicated expressly to eliminating its existence--but in a sports media culture that's increasingly about hype over substance, it's a much-needed voice of sanity and common sense. And now it's on your iPhone. Viva la Stool!