(Developed by App Empire)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Anthm delivers DJ power to the people, transforming the party playlist into a truly democratic endeavor. It's not the first mobile app to bring the crowdsourcing ethos to music programming--remember TuneTug Social DJ?--but Anthm expands the possibilities far beyond individual iTunes playlists and music collections, integrating with streaming service Rdio to offer partygoers access to tens of millions of digital tracks and guaranteeing that even the most eclectic tastes are in the mix.  

Anthm is easy to set up and use. Once the host creates a new party playlist within the app, attendees can begin voting tracks up and down the listening queue, also submitting personal requests from across the Rdio catalog; chances are that if Anthm and Rdio don't include a song you're searching for, no one else at the party is going to want to hear it anyway. One major caveat: Anthm only works if the party host is an Rdio subscriber, and it's unknown when or if the app will expand to include rival services like Spotify and MOG. But even in its current incarnation, it's still a surefire crowd pleaser. 

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