Beat Sneak Bandit


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Beat Sneak Bandit 
(Developed by Simogo)
Available for: iOS
Price: $2.99

A delightfully hip, jazzy paean to swingin' Sixties caper films that evokes the candy-colored retro decadence of artist Josh "Shag" Agle, Beat Sneak Bandit is not only one of the best looking puzzle games in the App Store, it's also one of the most fun and innovative, requiring players to rely on their brains as well as their innate sense of rhythm.

The plot: The evil Duke Clockface has stolen all of the clocks in fictional Pulsebury, plunging the city into chaos, and it's up to the titular thief (aided by frog sidekick Herbie) to steal them back. The Beat Sneak Bandit descends on the Duke's mansion, a multi-level fortress populated by patrolling guards, sliding trapdoors, spotlights and other security measures. But there's a catch: The bandit can only creep forward in time to the rhythm of the music, a quirk that poses even greater challenges as the game progresses and the soundtrack grows more complex.

Beat Sneak Bandit fires on all cylinders from graphic design to gameplay, and presents a virtual world that's fully realized--it simply doesn't look, feel or sound like anything else on the iOS platform. You think you're rhythmically challenged now? Just wait until Beat Sneak Bandit puts you through the paces.