(Developed by State of Play Games)
Available for: iOS
Price: $1.99

Lume doesn't look like anything else in the App Store. Filmed in stunning high definition on a set constructed entirely out of paper and cardboard, it boasts a lovingly handcrafted feel that's as unique as it is charming, complete with simple, spherical character designs and a pastoral acoustic soundtrack that further underline the game's storybook sweetness.

Lume's titular hero is a small boy who finds himself thrust into a mystery: Not only has the power to his grandfather's home failed, but the old man himself is nowhere to be found. Lume must solve a series of puzzles to help restore the power and uncover the mystery behind the sudden blackout. The challenges are more difficult than the game's measured pace may initially suggest, lending additional depth to its weird and wonderful world. 

Don't expect to unlock all of Lume's secrets right away: Its first release is only chapter one in a much bigger ongoing narrative that will unfold over future updates. Some App Store user reviews suggest the gameplay experience is far too brief for the price, which is a valid complaint, but taken solely as a creative achievement, Lume demands recognition and respect.

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