'Bladeslinger' - Best iOS, Android apps of November 2012




(Developed by Luma Arcade)
Available for: iOS, coming soon to Android
Price: $2.99

A thrilling mashup of western, horror and steampunk tropes, Bladeslingersets new standards in mobile gaming graphics and storytelling. This hyper-violent third-person shooter follows war veteran and all-around badass William Glaston as he returns to his native Hammer's Peak, a once-thriving Wild West community transformed into a ghost town crawling with scary monsters and super creeps. Armed with a hybrid six-shooter/sword, a mechanical left arm and mystical powers, Glaston must rid Hammer's Peak of the ancient evil consuming it. Spoiler alert: Evil doesn't stand a chance.

Bladeslinger is the product of mobile software development at its most inventive and assured. The character designs and environments are imaginative and richly detailed, and vivid shadow and lighting effects further enhance the game's cinematic textures. The gaming controls are no less impressive, exploiting touchscreen-based swipe-and-tap interactivity to support a wide range of easy-to-master moves including combo attacks, split-second dodges and monster punches. While some reviews have likened Bladeslinger to console gaming experiences, it also looks and feels like a Hollywood blockbuster, and it seems almost inevitable that the title will someday make the leap from the smartphone screen to the silver screen.