'Burt Destruction' - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013


Burt Destruction

3 Burt Destruction 
(Developed by RunWilder)
Available for: iOSAndroid
Price: $1.99

There are two kinds of crazy, and Burt Destruction lands squarely on the "good crazy" side of the balance sheet. The titular hero is a boy with a genetic disposition to steroid-induced, Hulk-like rages--this musclebound doofus, his pal Bigfoot and the manic depressive Dr. Dodo are mankind's last, best chance to stop the diabolical "hairpocalypse" scheme of the evil mastermind Yeti and his henchmen, including the McGuillicuttys (homicidal, husband-and-wife leprechauns), Wormenstein (a giant German earthworm with a fondness for rave music) and legions of Battle Hover Sharks, Robo Sloths, Donkey Manta Rays and Rabies Babies. 

But don't let Burt Destruction's wall-to-wall lunacy fool you: Beneath Burt's cartoonish pecs and ridiculous mullet beats the heart of a whip-smart, fundamentally sound platformer executed with consummate skill. The touch-based controls are simple and intuitive but the gameplay is rich and detailed, incorporating a multitude of missions, power-ups and achievements, highlighted by unlockable costumes that re-imagine Burt as a ninja, zombie or cupid. The animations, character designs and storytelling are equally impressive. Burt Destruction is insane, true, but more than that, it's insanely good.