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CamCard/CamCard Lite
(Developed by Intsig)
Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
Price: (on sale) $2.99; $11.99; $3.99; $9.99 (Lite is free)

The premise of CamCard is simple enough. The app lets users take a photo of a business card with their phone's camera. CamCard then imports the contact information from the photo to your contacts/address book. Cards are stored securely and privately, but the app also allows users to share items with contacts via SMS, email or import the information into Excel.

Where CamCard really outdoes the competition is in the added features. CamCard has auto-orientation auto-crop, image auto-rotation and scanning in batches capabilities. There's also built-in LinkedIn search capabilities, allowing you to connect with a new contact immediately after scanning a new card.

The app works across different platforms, meaning you can use the app on a BlackBerry device and login to view the same content on an iPhone. There are also some OS-specific features. For Windows Phone users, this means users can automatically export card information into the People Hub.

The app spans four mobile platforms and reads more than 20 different languages (depending on the platform), which can be especially useful for people who travel for business. It also protects against accidental deletion. The lite version of the app provides many of the same benefits but caps the number of cards you can scan per week to 10, which could be a good option for users hesitant to purchase the premium version.

However: Some users have reported syncing issues for Android and Windows Phone as well as problems with the software recognizing content on certain types of business cards. Prices vary by platform, making some versions much less affordable than others.