Carbon - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013


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(Developed by dots & lines)
Available for: Android
Price: Free

Carbon is the sharpest, sleekest Twitter client in Google Play: Its simple but elegant design puts Twitter's own Android app to shame.

First and foremost, Carbon looks amazing, employing a high-contrast, white-on-black interface that epitomizes minimalist elegance. Tweets are easy to read, and each screen manages to pack in an impressive amount of information while remaining refreshingly uncluttered. The less-is-more approach carries over into Carbon's UI, which is highlighted by a side menu that enables one-screen access to timelines, lists, favorites, searches, trends and profiles, eschewing the frustrating drill-down approach of other clients.

Carbon is not about style over substance, however: There's a lot going on under the hood. Standout features include Power Scroll (swiping up or down using two fingers to jump to the top or bottom of a Twitter timeline), an omnipresent Compose button, animations, rich-media timelines complete with full inline images and videos, conversation view, username auto-complete and support for multiple accounts. Twitter never looked as good as it does in Carbon's black dress.