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(Developed by Catch)
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Catch is a note-taking and memo app that allows users to create voice, photo and text notes on and offline. Notes can be saved securely for private use and protected with a PIN. Users can then access these notes via the app or on the Web at a later time. Conversely, users can share notes for collaborative projects. 

Catch's automatic tag picker is also a great for organizing notes. The app has the option to add notes via email ( and can record geolocation information.

Another nice feature is the simplicity of the app and its layout. The color catchwheel lets users capture information instantly, without navigating through additional menus. Catch is free, however users can upgrade to Catch Pro to attach PDF/Office files and store up to 1 GB of information. Catch Premier users can store 5 GB of new monthly content.

However: Some users have complained about the amount of time it takes to sync content to their Catch account. Catch currently has no plans to expand to Windows Phone and other platforms.