Chorma - Best Android, iOS apps from January 2013



(Developed by Chorma)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Household chores are never going to match anyone's definition of "fun," but Chorma's clever approach to gamifying domestic labor duties makes dusting, mopping and vacuuming a little more palatable, and that's no small feat.

Chorma organizes lists of all household responsibilities from walking the dog to emptying the garbage; instead of assigning tasks to individual roommates or family members, it lets everyone claim the chores they wish to tackle, awarding points upon completing the activity in question. At the end of the week or month, Chorma suggests a group activity like a meal out, and the more points you've accumulated, the less you have to pay.

Your house or apartment may be a complete mess, but Chorma is anything but: The UI is simple and well organized, making it easy to see which chores are claimed, which are still available and what's already been completed. In addition, Chorma synchronizes between iOS devices to keep everyone on the same page, so you can coordinate tasks even when household members are on opposite schedules. It's the best thing to happen to housework since the Roomba.