Comedy Central Indecision Game

Best Apps of July 2012

Comedy Central Indecision Game 
(Developed by 2K Games)
Available for: iOSAndroid 
Price: Free

With Election Day 2012 less than four months away, campaign season is going into overdrive--and that means the return of Comedy Central's acclaimed Indecision coverage, which this year expands beyond The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report to introduce mobile gaming into the mix.Comedy Central Indecision Game is entertaining and educational whether you identify as a Democrat, Republican or Independent: Users specify their party affiliation, then match wits against their Facebook friends or random Game Center opponents to answer multiple-choice political trivia questions and earn electoral votes to claim control of U.S. states. Winning a state translates to a "Smarts" victory for both the player and their political party, with real-time results displayed within the game's Election Headquarters to determine which party is intellectually superior. 

Comedy Central Indecision Game is a hell of a lot more fun to play than it may sound on paper, thanks to Comedy Central's signature snark--virtually every trivia question includes a tongue-in-cheek answer that takes the edge off the serious issues at hand. There's also a surprising amount of strategy at play: As the campaign heats up, gamers can rely on so-called political aides for help, even stealing states from opponents or demanding a voter recount. Politics is still serious business, but Comedy Central Indecision Game is simply serious fun.