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(Developed by Cue)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Cue is an iOS-only calendar app that allows users to integrate content from a variety of sources, combining data such as calendar events, contacts and messages from a user's email account as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Dropbox. That in and of itself is a great timesaver, however the premium version of the app can also incorporate content from business accounts on services such as Yammer, Salesforce and Basecamp. The multitasking capabilities save the user from having to load several different apps.

The base app is free and premium access is available on a monthly or yearly basis. Premium access expands the number of accounts or services from which users can import information.

One of the nice things about Cue is that it simplifies the experience of juggling multiple calendars. For example, users can automatically import event details for a Facebook Event and have that alongside flight information saved in their email. Users can also edit these events directly from the app including changing or canceling reservations, checking into flights and tracking packages. 

However: Some functions of the app are a little buggy. Also, there is not currently no a version available for Android  (Android users can try Jorte.) An Android version is reportedly in the works.