The Dark Knight Rises Z+

Best Apps of July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Z+
(Developed by Reality Jockey)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Immerse yourself in the larger-than-life urban sprawl of Gotham City with The Dark Knight Rises Z+, an augmented soundtrack experience that adapts composer Hans Zimmer's haunting score for the new Batman movie to parallel the user's real-time location and activities, blurring the line separating fiction from reality.

The Z+ augmented sound format, created by Zimmer and software developer Reality Jockey for a previous app spotlighting his score for the film Inception, is designed to automatically synchronize music with the user's life in the same way a soundtrack synchronizes with a movie narrative, ebbing and flowing in response to the action at hand. For example, when the consumer enters a quiet space, The Dark Knight Rises Z+ plays quiet, introspective music to match the situation, transitioning to pulse-pounding techno as the environment and energy change. The app literally becomes the soundtrack of your life.

Beyond new and exclusive music from Zimmer's score, The Dark Knight Rises Z+ features behind-the-scenes commentary from the composer and the film's director Christopher Nolan, in-app purchases including sound effects designed by Academy Award winner Richard King, and Facebook and Twitter sharing. It's a technological innovation on par with the Batmobile, and it's likely the closest you'll ever come to being the Caped Crusader--minus the cape and cowl, and without Anne Hathaway at your side, of course.