(Developed by DropBox)
Available for: iOSAndroid, Blackberry
Price: free

Collaboration is a key skill to master, whether that's learning to share your crayons in elementary school, working on a group project in high school or working in teams in the workplace. Just a few short years ago we were collaborating on and sharing documents using floppy discs and CD-RWs. The advent of cloud sharing has changed that.

DropBox, a free application that spans multiple mobile platforms, allows users to take their documents, photos, videos and other files with them, wherever they are. That content is then accessible via mobile device, tablet or e-reader or through a desktop or laptop computer. Users can read and edit documents directly from a mobile device. Sharing files with another user is also incredibly simple, as is keeping files private by using a passcode to protect secure files.

The educational impacts of the mobile cloud are huge. Students can share and send each other class notes. Sharing video and photos simplifies any subject with a multimedia aspect, whether that's for an art class or supplementary charts for a science or history class. Users can also keep important documents like resumes, cover letters or lists safely with them at all times.