Emanata - Best apps of October 2012


4 Emanata
(Developed by Emanata)
Available for: iPad
Price: Free

While mainstream comics publishers like DC and Marvel dominate retail sales and media attention, there's a thriving world of small-press, independent titles percolating just below the surface, awaiting discovery by adventurous readers. But with the ranks of comic book stores dwindling and shelf space at a premium in those shops still fighting the good fight, it's more challenging than ever for indie artists to market their work and cultivate an audience. Emanata meets that challenge head on, giving independent creators a digital platform dedicated solely to their efforts and solving the problems of distribution and monetization in one fell swoop.

Emanata (so named for the lines drawn around an object to express shock or surprise) curates both free and premium-priced graphic narratives from emerging artists--the content spans a multitude of genres and sensibilities, underscoring the virtually limitless storytelling potential of the comics medium. The Emanata UI is clean and fluid, and the illustrations render beautifully on the iPad display--additional features include an integrated news feed, which makes it easier for fans to follow their favorite creators and ongoing series. Readers may also share recommended titles via email, Facebook and Twitter. Not everything here is worth sharing or even reading, of course, but the best efforts make it clear that the future of comics is in good hands--and more than ever, it seems that future will unfold on platforms like Emanata.