Fast Flirting - Top Mobile Applications 2007


Fast Flirting

Company: Jumbuck
Why It's a Top App: A real-time, text-based mobile dating service that gives users ten minutes to make a love connection, Fast Flirting effectively ties together 21st Century phenomena like social networking, speed dating, online matchmaking and mobile chat into one application--consider it a snacking-culture alternative to eHarmony, without the rigorous registration, the clandestine screening methods and the creepy old founder. Currently available across 22 carriers in the U.S., U.K., Australia/ New Zealand and Canada, with an international member community in excess of 4 million, Fast Flirting subscribers select flirting partners based on age, location and sexual preference, then communicate with prospective hookups via private text conversations--in addition to chat, users may exchange photos, emoticons and video clips. No less important, Jumbuck moderators patrol Fast Flirting 24-7-365, and the service includes an electronic filter that eliminates certain words and numbers from chat postings--because even in mobile dating, you should always use protection.