Fayve - Best iOS, Android apps of November 2012




(Developed by Vulcan Technologies)
Available for: iPad

Price: FreeBuilt by Paul Allen's Vulcan Technologies as a tool to help the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) co-founder manage and navigate his reportedly massive multimedia library, Fayve is now available to iPad owners everywhere, bringing the curtains down on bad movies, trash TV and mindless channel surfing forever.

Fayve curates video recommendation based on each viewer's unique preferences and tastes, compiling titles from Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox, YouTube, Crackle and Fandango into a centralized, carousel-like hub. In addition to content providers, users can also search by performer or genre, or sneak a peek at what their friends are watching and/or recommending. Titles are accompanied by detailed descriptions as well as cast and crew listings, complete with actor biographies and filmographies. And in the event there's nothing to watch, rent or stream at home, Fayve also compiles a list of what's playing in local theaters, even offering trailers and ticketing options. If you still end up zoning out to Road House on cable for the 27th time, you have no one to blame but yourself.