Frog Dissection


Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection
By Emantras Inc
Available for: iPad
Price: $3.99

Dissection is a standard part of middle and high school science classes, and students nationwide, squeamish or not, have to slice open a frog as part of biology class. Here's where Frog Dissection comes in. Various organizations have offered frog and other dissection alternatives before, however, most of these have been Web-based and relied less on interactive content and more on preselected slides and images of sample frogs. My high school biology teacher also warned us that no one who'd opted for the Web alternative assignment had ever done well on the final exam.

Frog Dissection combines the best of both of these techniques and would prove my old teacher wrong. The dissection simulation has virtual tools allowing users to pin back various sections of the frog while using surgical tools like scalpels and forceps to separate and examine various organs and parts of the frog's anatomy. At the same time, the digital aspect allows many students to look at the same frog, and the app can be reused, unlike the frog.

The app offers 3D views of the various frog parts and includes detailed information about the various parts of the frog, comparisons between human and frog anatomy and step-by-step instructions explaining the entire dissection process.

The best part? No lingering smell of formaldehyde.