Gayometer Pro - most inappropriate iOS, Android apps of 2012


Gayometer Pro
(Developed by NewBend Inc.)

The homophobia fueling Gayometer Pro is alone enough to merit its inclusion on any list of the most offensive mobile applications of 2012. "Ever wondered if you or someone you know is gay, but aren't quite sure?" reads the app's Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play page. "With the patented technology behind our new Gayometer, you can, with the click of a button, know for a fact which team anyone plays for! This application analyzes a face picture and determines key facial features to calculate one's gayness." But almost equally offensive is NewBend's refusal to cop to its own bigotry: "P.S This is just a fun app, our prediction [sic] are just guesses with the combination of myths," the developer adds. "Do not take this application seriously and as always respect others. Enjoy!"

As an example of mobile software development, it is impossible to take Gayometer seriously: It's embarrassingly inept, designed without a modicum of skill or finesse. But the knuckle-dragging Gayometer concept and cloying "Just kidding--we're not really gay bashers!" postscript can't (and shouldn't) be laughed off. Always respect others… unless they're responsible for churning out garbage like this.