Gunman Clive


Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive 
(Developed by Bertil Hörberg)
Available for devices running Android 2.0 and up
Price: $1.99
Originally reviewed: April

A disarmingly quirky and defiantly old-school platformer that unfolds like a cross between Mega Man and The Wild Wild WestGunman Clive doesn't look or feel like anything else in the Google Play storefront. Its hand-drawn graphics, sepia-toned environments and ersatz Ennio Morricone score are charmingly retro, but the gameplay is thoroughly modern, and the title's visual simplicity belies the complexity of the challenges within.  

Set during the late 19th century in a decidedly surreal Old West town, Gunman Clive sends the title character into battle against the bandits who kidnapped Mayor Johnson's daughter. The rogues' gallery includes conventional gunslingers and thugs alongside hulking bosses, giant robots and malicious storks, and the obstacles run the gamut from trampolines to moving platforms to pits filled with deadly spikes. Suffer too many injuries and Clive will die (which he does often), but you can restore his health by gobbling up birthday cake, of all things. 

Gunman Clive may look cute, but the gameplay is anything but--it starts tough and keeps getting tougher. In addition, it takes some time getting used to the controls. But the effort is worth it: Gunman Clive represents the West at its wildest and woolliest, and it's an absolute blast.