Haiku Deck - Best Android, iOS apps from 2012


Haiku Deck

1Haiku Deck 
(Developed by Giant Thinkwell)
Available for: iPad
Released: August
Price: Free

Haiku Deck does the impossible: It makes business presentations colorful, compelling and even beautiful, relegating dishwater-dull PowerPoint slides to the dustbin of history. Not only that, but Haiku Deck is far simpler and more intuitive than PowerPoint as well, eliminating familiar presentation excesses like impenetrable flow charts, cheesy animations and endless slabs of texts to shift the focus squarely on innovative, inspirational ideas.

Users begin each Haiku Deck by entering a few words of text--the app automatically suggests matching graphics from millions of licensed Creative Commons images, also offering the option to import photos and charts from your iPad or social media platforms including Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and Facebook. From there, select an appropriate text layout, repeating the process for each successive page. When you're finished with your deck, you can also choose a theme to change the font and filter across the entire presentation. Once you're fully satisfied with your efforts, return to the main menu, tap "share" and send your deck to colleagues, clients or the world at large via email, Facebook or Twitter. Haiku Deck also supports exporting to PowerPoint. It's just that easy--and that revolutionary.