(Developed by Miniclip)
Available for devices running Android 2.1 and up
Price: Free

Originally reviewed: April

Hambo's titular hero is a decorated war veteran who returns from the battlefield to an America that he no longer recognizes. When his best friend runs afoul of the authorities, Hambo declares vengeance--and Heaven help those who stand in his way. If this all sounds suspiciously like the over-the-top plot machinations of a Sylvester Stallone action showcase, that's precisely the point. Except Hambo isn't a muscled-up, melodramatic war machine--he's a cartoon pig, his best pal is named Bacon, and the violence that ensues is more cute-and-cuddly than grim-and-gritty.

Hambo's hilarious core concept is enough to sell the title to a certain segment of smartphone gamers. Consumers who need additional encouragement can rest assured that there's much more here than its tongue-in-cheek premise might suggest--in fact, Hambo features more than 200 physics puzzles across five mission packs, and developer Miniclip promises there are more to come. The puzzles are challenging, the character designs are uniformly excellent and best of all, there are dozens of costume changes to ratchet up the absurdity to even more elevated levels. War may be hell, but Hambo is simply a hell of a lot of fun.