Haze - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013



(Developed by Robocat)
Available for: iOS
Price: 99 cents

Haze re-imagines the humble weather app as something closer to a psychedelic light show, swapping out static meteorological data and images in favor of shimmering, candy-colored animations and electronic sound effects that efficiently and beautifully communicate the ever-changing conditions of the world outside your door.

Haze is designed to offer users their complete local forecast at a glance: An orb floating at the center of the screen depicts the current temperature, and tapping it reveals additional information about that given day--e.g., projected highs and lows, and current wind speed and direction. Swiping through the app also reveals the chances of precipitation and the five-day outlook.

The animated backgrounds tie together the Haze user experience while also revealing subtle but important weather details. For example, if the colors are pulsating in an upward direction, the next day will bring warmer temperatures. It's that kind of ingeniously creative wrinkle that sets Haze apart--it's as colorful and as lovely as the sunset that closes out a perfect summer day.