iOS turns 5: How Apple revolutionized mobile application development


iphone anniversaryThe June 29, 2007 release of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone was the Big Bang moment that galvanized mobile application development and distribution. Rarely if ever has one product heralded such a seismic shift in how a business operates: With the advent of the iPhone, millions of tech-savvy consumers were effectively carrying handheld computers in their pockets and purses, opening up extraordinary new possibilities for mobile entertainment and enterprise solutions accessible from anywhere and at any time. Five years on, the iPhone doesn't merely represent a turning point in the evolution of the mobile industry--it is instead one of the truly singular innovations in the history of American business. Here are five ways the iPhone changed everything. --Jason

For complete coverage of the five-year anniversary of the iPhone, please look at these different aspects of how Apple's iconic device changed wireless: