'iScab' - most inappropriate iOS, Android apps of 2012



(Developed by Beefbrain)

Remember when Tamagotchis were all the rage? Fifteen years ago, handheld digital pets were so insanely popular that retailers couldn't keep them in stock: After FAO Schwartz's flagship Manhattan store sold 10,000 Tamagotchi units in 24 hours, an armored Brinks truck delivered another 3,000 to the toy mecca's San Francisco location, and all those were snapped up within five hours. You know what's never been all the rage? Scabs, lesions, open sores and other wounds. They're not cute or fun. They're just gross. And yet developer Beefbrain decided to bring Tamagotchis and epidermal abrasions together anyway with iScab, which swaps out feeding and nurturing virtual pets in favor of scratching and collecting digital scabs.

iScab challenges gamers to pick at sores as they randomly appear--once the scab is scratched away, the virtual skin begins to itch, signaling to users that it's time to dig back in. Scabs removed from the skin are deposited into a jar, and gamers also can compete to fill up their jars faster than the competition, unlocking achievements and uncovering special scabs along the way. (You think you feel queasy reading this? Think about how I felt writing it.) If you're looking to scratch an itch for Tamagotchi nostalgia, then visit your nearest toy store, but if you're looking for the disgusting game in the App Store, then iScab is the pick.